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Letter to the Editor


Richard L Ross, Bennington Township

10:38 am

Independent Editor,

“Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” is entering its third week showing around the nation. It is not a documentary, but the reenacted story of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell who killed untold numbers of babies born alive and kept their bodies and body parts inside of his “clinic” that you wouldn’t allow your animals to live in!

The movie is taken from the transcripts of the trial and police interrogations. It exposes the extraordinary lengths to which legal and political authorities and the mainstream media will go to cover up this horrific practice.

It is a great story of at least two women and one young female African-American teen who courageously told the truth in the face of the tremendous opposition that did not want the horrific truths revealed of what was going on in this abominable place!

I would not take young children or kids who are overly sensitive, but at the same time, some kids are sexually active and getting abortions with no knowledge of the implications of what they are doing. Kids that are entering adolescence should be made aware of the adult consequences of abortion. It is pretty horrifying to see (mostly implied, but still gut wrenching) the filthy and disgusting conditions of this “clinic” and to see some of the women and their trauma as they wait for their abortions.

No one will be able to vote for a candidate who supports abortion with a clear conscience again who has seen this movie!

Richard L Ross, Bennington Township

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