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Letter to the Editor


Retta Parsons, SUW CEO

10:29 am

Editor, The Independent:

This is the last week for the community to assist Shiawassee United Way (SUW) and the Hunger Network with the Art Van Charity Challenge in order for the organization to access any potential contribution matches from the Art Van Foundation. At present, the donors to the charity that is leading this contest will experience more than a $1 to $1 match. That is an excellent return on investment for their community and the people that their agency serves.

We are very grateful to those people who have generously given to help us in our efforts to feed hungry children and families throughout the county. We only wish that more people would join in this important work through contributing so that we could access one of the 10 grand prizes and stretch our donors’ dollars even further. There are so many families in this county who are employed, yet find that their monthly paychecks just don’t cover all their basic needs. This is why it is so important that United Way works hard to find donation matching opportunities. If a family gives $20, and we were the grand prize winner, that financial gift could become $40.

As of June 12, Shiawassee United Way was in 36th place out of 118 participants. Organizations that would qualify for bonuses from the Art Van Foundation had collected, at that point, contributions ranging from $70,446 to $34,082.

The Art Van Foundation has pledged to donate 10 grand prizes ranging from $7,500 to $75,000. Donations can be accepted from concerned people anywhere in the world to help Shiawassee United Way receive one of the funding boosts. Anyone can donate over a secured server at to help Shiawassee United Way provide a “hand-up” rather than just a “hand out.” (It is important to use this link as the organization’s website has been set where counted donations need to go.) Please share this information with everyone you know everywhere so that all families in Shiawassee County can experience a positive quality of life.

Feed, Inform, Empower. Shiawassee United Way feeds people when they need a “hand-up,” informs them when times are tough, and empowers them to succeed. Be a part of a community of compassionate action. Give to the work of Shiawassee United Way and the Hunger Network today. For more information, visit our website at

Retta Parsons, SUW CEO

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