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Letter to the Editor


Rebeca Zelma, Capital Area Community Services, Inc.

6:35 pm

Independent Editor,

  Capital Area Community Services, Inc. (CACS), began taking applications for Christmas Wishes from low-income families in Shiawassee County on Monday, Oct. 2. It marks our thirty-second year of assisting families at Christmas.  Each family must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to be eligible for Christmas Wishes.

  Last year, we received about 150 Christmas Wish applications. This year, that number looks to be surpassed. Times are difficult for all, but especially for those parents that are working minimum wage jobs, on fixed incomes, laid off or unemployment ended. And, what about the homeless children? Can you imagine children without a home? A Christmas without all of the pomp and ceremony of Christmas morning? The child Santa forgot? This year the choice for many will be Christmas gifts, gas to go to work, or heat for their homes versus the high costs in the stores. Your help is desperately needed to ensure children in this County do not go without experiencing the joys and wonder of Christmas.

  Wishes are now available for adoption. If you are interested in sponsoring a child(ren) this year, please call (989) 723-3115 or visit our office and choose a wish(es).

  If you are unable to sponsor a child(ren), but would like to help, we encourage you to write a check payable to CACS, Christmas Wishes. Our location is 1845 Corunna Avenue, Owosso, MI 48867. Those donations will be used locally to purchase gift cards to be distributed to children who are not chosen for sponsorship by groups or individuals.

  Please care and share this Christmas Season. Remember, the welfare and happiness of our children, rests in THIS COMMUNITY’S hands.


Rebeca Zelma

Shiawassee Service Center Manager, 

Capital Area Community Services, Inc.

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