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Letter to the Editor


Rauch-Tower VFW Auxiliary #5822

10:37 am

Independent Editor,

VFW Auxiliary Rauch-Tower #5822 is very proud to announce our Patriot’s Pen winner for the 2017-18 school year. Her name is Claire Chrisinske, an 8th-grader at Byron Middle School.

Her essay was chosen from 76 other entries from the Byron Middle School 8th-grade classes.

Each student worked hard on the project, and all of the essays were well written. Our auxiliary members read each of the entries and had a local businessperson make the final-cut. They picked the top three and then selected the order.

Claire Chrisinske was chosen first-place winner. Pearl Schmidt and Caleb Joslin were runners-ups.

Claire, Pearl, and Caleb all attended our banquet dinner held on Dec. 16 at the Burns Township Hall, Byron. They each read their essays, received their prizes, and enjoyed a wonderful meal with our auxiliary and their families.

They were also able to view a table that was set for POW/MIA’s. It’s called the “Missing Man’s Table.” At the end of the evening, everyone lit a candle at the table and said a hopeful, silent prayer.

Claire will be attending the Patriot’s Pen Banquet dinner in St. Louis in a few weeks. Wish her luck and hopefully she will move on to the “State” and “National” level. Good luck, Claire. We’re very proud of you.


Rauch-Tower VFW Auxiliary #5822

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