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Letter to the Editor


Pete Krupp, New Lothrop

11:42 am

Independent Editor,

   With Election Day fast approaching, it is nothing new to hear people discussing the likes and dislikes of the people whom are running for the various offices that are up for grabs in the upcoming elections. One office that is of upmost importance to all our citizens is the office of the sheriff. We citizens of this county have been fortunate to have in the past, some fine men that have took on this job. Most all good, and some not so good. Having put 25 years in law enforcement in this county, I have watched the performance of this office very closely, which brings us to our present sheriff, Brian BeGole, whom has been in continuous service to the people of Shiawassee County for over 24 years, including the office of sheriff. I have known this man since he became deputy and have been very impressed by his desire to help people. He is a very honest and compassionate man whom strives every day to do what is right for all Shiawassee County residents. The office of sheriff is a 24/7 job, and requires a person with a high degree of dedication and the willingness to except the responsibility this job requires every day.

   We the citizens of Shiawassee County are blessed to have a man of this caliber as our sheriff. Brian is truly dedicated to serving the need of law enforcement to all of this county’s residents. His honesty, and integrity is above reproach and is the man we citizens need to keep as our sheriff, so please keep this in mind as you go to the polls in November.

Respectfully submitted,

Pete Krupp, New Lothrop

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