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Letter to the Editor


Paula Temple, Owosso

12:04 pm

Independent Editor,

On Saturday, June 24 at the Corunna Meijer store on E. M-21, there were free samples of Jack Daniels whiskey given out at the south end of the alcohol department aisle. Why?

I pondered on calling the store for an answer. So, thus, on Thursday, June 29, I called at 9:16 a.m. for the Meijer store manager. He said that other Meijer stores are also doing free samples of beer, wine, and liquor like the Corunna store is also doing.

At least the Corunna Meijer manager said “no samples on Sundays.” Still, why give out the samples? I personally can’t understand why, especially in a grocery store.


Paula Temple, Owosso

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