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Letter to the Editor


Paula M. Temple, Owosso

11:32 am

Independent Editor,

This is an open letter to the citizens of Owosso.

I attended the Monday, Aug. 7 City Council meeting at the Owosso City Hall.

I had apologized in person to Mayor Chris Eveleth, who was the first to enter the building, then again at the meeting under the council’s “citizen comments and questions.”

This is what I said:

“First off, Mr. Mayor Chris Eveleth, I do apologize to you in person for saying in the Argus-Press on the opinion page on Thursday, July 27 that you had a ‘conflict of interest,’ since you are the Owosso Mayor and also on the Downtown Farmers Market committee. So opening up the matter of Curwood Castle Park grounds to liquor and beer, since you were the person that opened up the discussion concerning this by saying, ‘the ordinance was out of date,’ and pushed for the allowance of alcohol and beer on Curwood Castle Park property. At the time when you did this, it did seem kind of fishy.

I have hired a lawyer last week, Monday, July 31… a Mr. Thomas Bridges, to help with the working on the petition that I will be starting as soon as he does all the legal work. Then when he’s done his part, I can start the petition.

This is totally wrong about the liquor and beer at Curwood Castle Park even with a fence. It takes away the beauty of Curwood Castle and its surrounding grounds for families to enjoy.”


Submitted by,

Paula M. Temple, Owosso

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