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Letter to the Editor


Patricia Pichey, Perry

10:33 am

Independent Editor,

It has been 40 years we have lived near Perry, and we have had TDS Phone Co. as our home phone company and for 30 years as both our home and business phone company. Same phone number all these years. It was the only phone company that serviced our area for a few years. They were located in Perry and their service was quite good.

In March 2017 we needed to request financial assistance from Shiawassee County. Having been in the hospital four times and in inpatient rehab centers three times for many weeks, we were not able to do business as expected. We began falling back on our phone bill and in April we were not able to keep our promise to TDS to pay as quickly as we had hoped. On April 14, Bob had an accident at work and on May 8, Bob had a total knee replacement.

The week of June 26, I called TDS Financial Service and explained I did not have the full amount owed, but I could give them $150. I was told that they could not accept anything less than the full amount. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. Supervisor Terri came on the line, and I told her that I could pay $150 on the amount owed. She also refused it.

Bob called TDS the next day and finally spoke to Mary, a senior advisor. Mary said that we should fax a letter from the doctor stating that due to my poor health, I need our landline operational. So, Bob did what she requested.

Bob called Mary the next day and was told she could not give us our number back, but they would give us a new number.

On July 8, we sat down with Verizon and were told they could service our landline.

On July 9, we received a notice of disconnection for July 17. We thought they would give us a few more days to get the owed money together.

I received a call on our landline on July 10. In the afternoon, I tried to call my son, but the phone was dead. Verizon called our cells and informed us that they tried to port over our landline number, but they were not able to do it. They called TDS and were told that they would not allow the parting of our number.

During the next week, we spoke to TDS several times trying to get someone to listen. Our business number was the same as our home phone and is in all of our business advertising. We reminded them we would pay as soon as we could, but it fell on deaf ears. We also reminded them that the disconnection was scheduled for the July 17, not July 10.

Finally, on July 17, Bob called TDS and told them we had the money to pay up, but they said they would not give us our number back. They would give us a new number. Bob told them when they stoped holding our number hostage, we would pay them.


Patricia Pichey, Perry

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