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Letter to the Editor


Patricia Millie Wheeler, Vernon Township

12:01 pm

Independent Editor,
A lot of people, citizens or not, are very fearful for their lives and futures, and it’s happening all across our nation and even in our state of Michigan. There have been some terrifying incidents, perpetrated by bigots, emboldened by Donald Trump campaign rhetoric. He stuck a stick into a beehive of intolerance and now the stinging bees are loose.
To all those friends who feel they may be targets, I say this. I believe things will start to calm down as the days pass. The American people won’t stand by and let this happen in our great nation. We understand that America was built by the ingenuity and hard work of immigrants.
In the meantime, there is a safety pin campaign going on where if you see one on a person’s lapel, it means that person loves, accepts, and is there for you. You don’t have to be afraid of them. They will also help you, if you need anything, or physically, if you are being threatened.
The Police have been handling these events quickly and seriously, so don’t hesitate to call them immediately. Also, I say to everyone. If you hear a racist joke or someone’s being bullied, say something, do something, even if it means you may lose a friend. Better a friend than your soul. Remember to be really true, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for “good people” to do something.

Patricia Millie Wheeler,
Vernon Township

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