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Letter to the Editor


Patricia McCarthy, Owosso Township

1:10 pm

Independent Editor,

   Our doctors offices, as well as the hospital all have pain charts, The pain chart has various faces, words and numbers from one to ten to help the patient and the doctor understand the amount of pain you are having. Your doctor may prescribe medication after you indicate where your level is.

   Chronic pain usually requires tests such as a CT scan, MRI and a referral to a specialist. Follow-up appointments, including medication reviews. I would expect this from any good doctor who follows protocol and cares for his patients’ health.

   So, I wonder why Dr. Huff is being investigated again. First in 2009 and he was cleared. Recently his office was raided again.

   What’s the point of a pain chart if the Michigan State Police are going to show-up if you prescribe pain meds? Drugs and police will turn anyone’s life upside down and sideways with one call.

   I’m a senior with health issues. I need a knee replacement, a COVID vaccination and pain medication until I can have surgery.

   I think someone hates Dr. Huff and wants to ruin his reputation and practice. That idea shouldn’t sit well with any of the MHC doctors.

   There is so much hate in the world. Even all of the politicians in Washington hate each other. So why not here?

   Dr. Huff is a good doctor who strives to keep you healthy. He’s a good person, also.

Patricia McCarthy, Owosso Township

Note: The Michigan State Police searched Dr. David Huff’s office at 9900 W. M-21, Ovid on Thursday, Feb. 4. An investigation is ongoing.

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