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Letter to the Editor


Pamela Slee, Woodhull Township

1:12 pm

Independent Editor,
In response to a recent letter to the editor by Patricia Cook, she has changed the first amendment right of freedom of speech to freedom to lie, distort, and publish false information. Convert township funds? The money was in the supervisor’s, my, budget and according to the court brief, board approval was give to spend it on
the computer.
No bid contract to paint hall? There was a bid and it was given to the board at a regular board meeting. I abstained from voting even though, as I was not receiving any direct benefit, I had no obligation to do so.
Single bid contract for my son to repair hall foundation? The contractor that submitted the bid was not my son nor related to me in anyway. The contractor that submitted a bid was awarded it with board approval at a regular board meeting. Hasse is now seeking to sue the company saying they should come back and do more work that was not in the bid for free.
Snow plowing? Again, bids were taken and the board voted to accept his bid at a regular monthly meeting. He was not and is not my son-in-law. That would not be possible, my only daughter died thirty-eight years ago.
Yes, I did appoint my son, with board approval at a regular township board meeting to be a liaison to the county drain commission. He may have been paid a total of $20 for the time he billed for. He spent many hours working with and walking the drains in Woodhull Township with Drain Commissioners Holhauzen and Newman without charging.
Cell tower? The company did not come to me as a township supervisor. The representative talked with my husband out in the field looking for sites that fit their requirements. I did not vote nor discuss the tower during the regular full board township meeting.
Sell to consumers: Again it was handled as above. It is named the Scenic Lake Transfer Station.
You already know about maintaining office space in my home. If not, I have an old desk which I purchased many years ago in my sewing room. The township did not purchase any furniture and did not purchase the monitor. Had any of the board members including Hasse, Cribbs, Dodge, or Starr, all that live in the same subdivision informed me a receipt had been located in files I had no access to, possibly as far back as May 2016, I would have removed any personal information on the computer and returned it if they had requested it. They chose to keep it a secret amongst themselves and not give me any chance to do that before invading my home after dark on a Friday night and seize not only that computer but also my husband’s personal computer. I doubt Mrs. Cook would like to be treated that way.
Discriminate against taxpayers in subdivisions? I guess that depends on if you received several thousands of
dollars of taxpayer’s money to have your subdivision road paved. There were, when I, Carol and Bev left, dozens of emails in the clerk’s office from residents against paying for subdivision roads.
Alter documents? None were altered and after many FOIA request one has not been presented. The letter of opinion from the former township attorney was not altered when it was in my possession. If it is now, it was done by a current board member.
There was no lie about the opinion. Exact wording of the Michigan Compiled Laws mentioned in the opinion was emailed to each board member and were also sent to many residents prior to May 4, 2016 board meeting.
Degrade board members? Not sure what that is about, sure has been the other way around in recent board meetings and public statements by current board members against me and the former clerk, Carol Maize.
Planned with Carol (Maize) to resign? Each of us made the decision separate from the other after we could no long take being bullied and for myself after the Treasurer insulted Bev Lang as to her appointment to clerk being illegal and a conflict of interest and asked it be part of the May 4, 2016 board minutes. Bev, resigned at the end of the meeting. There was no clerk to do the work required on an upcoming special assessment for two subdivision roads.
While I was not available at the hall after submitting my resignation, I continued to take calls from residents and county officials. I had handed in my keys to the treasurer and did  not have access to the hall. I was not supervisor for 30 years but for 23 1/2. According to you I should be paid for an additional six and a half years. In those years, the board never went into closed session as has been done twice in just the recent months. I also was never absent even once from a regular or special board meeting.
I do not know the amount of FOIA requests. The ones from me were an attempt to cooperate and in defense of expensive legal fees on the charges brought falsely and unnecessarily against me. FOIA should not require attorney’s help. Hasse spending several thousands of taxpayer dollars to have the attorneys answer requests only shows her incompetency as supervisor. Except for social security numbers, personal property statements and birthdates, there is nothing that I know of in the township records that are exempt from disclosure.
Mrs. Cook, should have done her own research and FOIA request of township minutes instead of listening to someone who has shown to have a vendetta against me.

Pamela Slee, Woodhull Township

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