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Letter to the Editor


Pamela A. Battinkoff, 9-1-1 Director, Shiawassee Central Dispatch

12:18 pm

Independent Editor,
We hereby endorse Shiawassee Central Dispatch’s Proposition For  9-1-1 System Funding that is on the Tuesday, March 8 ballot. The requested support with funding is through a surcharge on phone service and by law can only be spent on 9-1-1 operations. Additional support with funding is necessary to sustain 9-1-1 operations and the transition to upgraded technology that will enhance the safety of the citizens and responders of Shiawassee County.
Funding will ensure that the 9-1-1 professionals at Shiawassee Central Dispatch who are your “true first responders” and are there to render aid to our citizens in an emergency can relay crucial, life-saving pre-
arrival instructions in the most accurate way. The
9-1-1 staff is certified for emergency medical dispatching which enables them to provide instructions on emergency medical care before an ambulance or fire department arrives. Every second really does count. In rural counties such as Shiawassee where response times can be longer, upgraded equipment that is reliable when you have an emergency is essential to saving lives. Technology upgrades offer better communication with citizens and responders and improves information sharing which permits the ability to provide a more accurate and rapid response.
For these reasons, the individuals and organizations listed below endorse the Shiawassee Central Dispatch Proposition for 9-1-1 System funding and include: Shiawassee County Firefighters Association and President Russ Wahl; Shiawassee County Fire Chiefs Association; Judge Matt Stewart, 35th Circuit Court Corunna; Tom Cook, Former Owosso City Councilman; The UAW Fin. Sec. Local 659; Duane Ballard, Captain Venice Township Fire Department; Guy Hubbard, Chief of Perry Fire Rescue; David Ballard, Chief of Venice Township Fire Department; Bill Baker, Former Venice Township Fire Chief; Richard Warner, Venice Township Fire Department; Shiawassee County Area Law Enforcement Chiefs Association; Dan DeKorte Chief of Police, Laingsburg; Michael Ash, Retired 9-1-1 Director of Shiawassee Central Dispatch; Michigan Association of Townships, Shiawassee County Chapter; Zack Zdunic, XYZ Landscape Supply Durand; Joe and Beth Rzepecki, Muzzy Pheasant Farm; Charlie Keenan of Owosso; Deb Doyle of Durand; Danny Miller of Owosso Township; Cathy Mulholland Village of Morrice; Ed Bruckman Caledonia Township; Pamela Slee Woodhull Township; Kristin Drake of Corunna; Angela Eastman of New Lothrop; Lisa Jones of Corunna; Bernice McCarthy of Lennon.

Pamela A. Battinkoff, 9-1-1 Director,
Shiawassee Central Dispatch

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