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Letter to the Editor


Mike Koyne, Elsie

12:03 pm

Independent Editor,

Why is government taking sides with big money wind energy when the people have been crystal clear that health and safety is something we will not compromise on? Answer: Because the money counts, not the vote or will of the people!

Why would government do this? Because they cannot squeeze anymore juice (tax dollars) out of the turnip (we the people). Their mismanagement of our tax dollars has caused them to seek revenue from other sources. In this case, it is big money wind energy.

What comes next? Using their logic, crack houses would be a good addition to Shiawassee County. Just think of all the revenue they can get with a cut from the drug sales. Crack and other illicit, addictive drugs are illegal because of health and safety concerns. What is so difficult about putting tough limits on wind energy for the same reasons, health and safety?

Once the government starts rejecting the will of the people, in favor of the corporation, the concept of individual rights will be history. Why? Because greed is just as addictive as crack. They will not be able to stop once they start! Today it’s your property rights and tomorrow it’s your property. Let that sink in for a while.

Mike Koyne, Elsie

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