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Letter to the Editor


Mick Nolph, Owosso

3:00 pm

Independent Editor,
I would like to bring your attention to a terrific new restaurant in Owosso, located on a corner of
S. Washington St. across from Jumbos. “What is this new place?” It’s the new and improved Jade Buffet. “That’s not new,” you say. But au contraire! With that said, I know you haven’t been there lately. Just let me point out it’s newness.
You will be impressed with the brand-new owners, new interior decor, new staff, and last but not least a very tasty menu. If you leave there hungry, there’s something wrong with you. So with all these changes I would say they are the new kids on the block. They offer up a nice sushi bar if you happen to like that kind of thing. I prefer my fish deep fried, thank you. They have that, too, plus a dapper-looking dude manning the Mongolian Grill to cook your selections to your liking and a wide selection of other entrees to choose from. Very tasty indeed.
Hey, you’ve got a great staff, a clean and pleasant dining area, and a very friendly atmosphere. What more could you ask for? If you haven’t given the place a try and think it’s the same old dish served on a different platter, well, you’re wrong.
I strongly urge you to stop in. I think you’ll be surprised. Give the new owner a good old friendly Owosso hound-dog-howdy. Oh yeah, don’t forget to tell them Mick sent you and watch the funny look on their face when they say, “Huh? Mick who?”

Mick Nolph, Owosso

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