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Letter to the Editor


Merle and Gale Potter

2:46 pm

Independent Editor,

The city of Durand was treated to an entertainment event the likes of which are seldom seen in a community the size of ours.

Veterans of Rock & Roll was a music concert put together by Durand High School Alums, who have had a lifelong interest and love for music and instruments.

Spearheading the event was Bob Sager, who had been thinking about such an event. Seeing a need for helping the Durand Veterans Memorial Park fundraising effort, he put his tremendous energy into bringing the musicians together in concert with the VFW, local city officials, and sponsors who made it all happen.

What happened on Saturday, Aug. 26 was truly a Durand reunion: a night of smiles and hugs, to be remembered for a long, long time. Thanks to all involved for a most memorable event.


Grateful Durandites,

Merle and Gale Potter

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