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Letter to the Editor


Max Spencer, Owosso

4:51 pm

Independent Editor,

   In response to what I saw in a post about someone I know who was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and possible weapons charges, I have to say something here. You know there are people in our own county who have a far deeper, checkered past due to alcohol abuse and one I know of, to be out on bond right now – still drinking and doing drugs and has a warrant for his arrest. On one occasion, he storms into his parents home, intoxicated and looking for a fight and he found it by his stepdad hitting him with a baseball bat. All the while, the stepdad was defending himself in his home and all the while, the police wouldn’t take this young man to jail. Why? LOL – the police stated that the young man was too drunk, duh. What do you think there is a drunk tank for?

   Then I see this… Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Christopher Brown arrested on suspicion of being drunk and having a weapon in his possession. Upon his arrest, Mr. Brown was terminated right then and there. Now, according to Prosecuting Attorney Scott Koerner, his office will miss Chris Brown because he was a rising assistant prosecuting attorney. I know Mr. Brown and I have to ask Prosecuting Attorney Scott Koerner that if Mr. Brown hasn’t lost a case for this county, why would you not stand by your colleague and help Mr. Brown overcome whatever got him this far in his career? I feel, in my opinion, that allowing a good man of caliber that you state is a rising assistant prosecuting attorney, slip by just because of one action I am sure Mr. Brown regrets.

   I hope, Mr. Koerner, you reconsider your position and once this is all taken care of, that you reinstate Mr. Christopher Brown as your assistant prosecuting attorney. After all, he was winning all the cases in Shiawassee County.

Max Spencer, Owosso

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