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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan

7:47 pm

Independent Editor,

Complacency Allows Tyranny

   The turnout for Tuesday night presentation in Corunna with Bradlee Dean was saddening, to say the least. Apparently, most people are clearly relying upon others to hold government officials accountable for their actions against the people and assuredly comfortable with the government stripping us of all of our liberty. For those who decided to stay home in their safe space, you all missed a great presentation with Bradlee Dean Smith ( What the people missed out on is Bradley Dean Smith’s presentation of the egregious unconstitutional actions perpetrated against the people by our government for the past three decades. There was a great investment put forth in giving this presentation to the people – and not many people bothered to show up showing that not only our county commissioners are complacent in the duties of the people, but the people themselves are complacent in regards to holding our government officials accountable for the same egregious actions committed against them.

   Bradley Dean was also brought to St. Louis, Clarkston, Centerville and Wayland, MI. Dean plans to return to Michigan in mid-October and I’ll keep people up-to-date on where he’s planning to be located while here once again. Just as God gives us free will to choose to have him in our lives, we the people have a choice of holding government officials accountable for their actions against the people. If you read in the Declaration of Independence, which is easy enough for any 4th- or 5th-grader, then you will notice that it is not only our Right, but our responsibility to throw off such forms of government which become tyrannical. I do hope and pray that people will wake up and become active in governmental affairs. We the people are supposed to be in charge of the government not the other way around. The only way government is going to understand that is if and when people become active in legislative affairs. As many know our own county government has been highly corrupt for several years here in Shiawassee County. They finally did something stupid and got caught trying to give themselves humongous bonuses out of COVID relief funding from the American Rescue Plan Act just a couple of months ago. When commissioner Marlene Webster brought this action to light in the public eye, we had approximately 250 people show up for the very first meeting to address this situation. The following meeting we had approximately 100 people – and then this week we only had about a dozen concerned citizens of this county voicing their opinions with many municipalities coming to grab the money as they might say before it’s all gone. What will it take for people to wake up and become active? Will it take them coming to your door and mandatorily giving you the poisonous vaccine that will highly likely kill you within three to five years, or will it take them coming to your door and arresting you when you refuse to give up your arms which are supposed to be defended through the Second Amendment, or will they be arresting you for expressing our First Amendment rights of Religious Beliefs, Freedom of Assembly, and Free Speech? We the people need to stand together against oppression and fight for what is right!


Matthew Shepard, U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan


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