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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, Perry Township

10:45 am

Independent Editor,

   Many have addressed their disapproval of the new jail proposal in Shiawassee County. Citizens for a Safe Community (CSC) has helped to promote voting in favor of the new jail project. CSC was organized by and is controlled by Commissioner Daniel L. McMaster, which is a direct conflict of interest as a county commissioner for District 2.

   This past Friday, April 26, myself and many others in Shiawassee County received a mail flyer from the CSC encouraging people to vote for the proposed jail on May 7th. I would say that was a significant cost, but no records have been filed indicating donations to the committee nor expenditures, as of yet. I acquired a copy of the Statement of Organization for CSC on Monday, April 29, and there have been no changes made to the committee reflecting Dan’s resignation as he indicated to the public. This just goes to show how corrupt county officials are in Shiawassee County. I would also question Commissioner McMaster’s ethics in utilizing the copywrited “MYTHBUSTERS” logo when he created the flyer, as I am quite certain he did not receive permission.

   I have made comments at the county Board of Commissioners meetings and through newspaper editorials explaining why the new jail is not needed in Shiawassee County, but county officials continue to deceive the public. What we have is more than adequate for Shiawassee’s population.

   For several years, jail cells have been rented out to other correctional facilities. Where have the funds collected for this purpose been distributed? Why were the funds not used directly in the upkeep of the current jail? If the new jail will be used to house criminals from neighboring counties, state and federal facilities, then why are those funds not being considered to help pay for the proposed new jail? Why are they considering bringing hardened violent criminals to Shiawassee County? How “safe” would that make our community?

   McMaster states that the costs of renovation far exceed the costs of building the new jail as proposed for $35 million up front, which will cost the taxpayers over $70 million over the course of 20 years. How is that possible?

   Either way, a person views the proposed mega jail with all of its amenities for criminals, I encourage people to vote May 7th and beyond. Our future domestic tranquility depends upon our right to vote and the freedom of speech.

Matthew Shepard, Perry Township

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