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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, Perry

2:47 pm

Independent Editor,
People, wake up! All too often, those who are elected to fulfill their obligated duties in the representation of the people fail to do so. Then, they blame it on others for their own failures. Meanwhile, they vote to increase their wages, benefits, and retirement compensation packages which in-turn requires more taxation upon the people.
Another question people might consider: If Hartman Aue has no intention of becoming a County Administrator for Shiawassee County, then why was a stipulation placed upon the term of employment for the newly hired Finance Administrator for Shiawassee County to end October 2016? It is all about politics for those who wish to continue in their government employment. People, Wake-up! Has the corruption in our government not gone on long enough?
I urge people to become more active in governmental affairs than just sitting back complaining about them.

Matthew Shepard, Perry

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