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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, Perry

11:26 am

Independent Editor,
On the evening of Tuesday, March 15, a meeting was held for the 4th US Congressional district of the Republican Party (GOP). During the new business portion of the meeting, a presentation was given by John Lemmermann, Yvette Franco-Clark, and myself (Matthew Shepard) as a Resolution to accept and support the Articles of Impeachment for Barack Hussein Obama. Dennis Starner was present from Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office, and he opposed the implementation of such Resolution, questioning, “Is there one of Obama’s aliases that isn’t fraudulent?” Starner then asked if there was a motion to accept the Resolution, so that he could have some creative dialog which is typical of a seasoned attorney to attempt to discredit those giving evidence. The motion was made and discussion ensued where Starner asked where our evidence was located, and Yvette and I replied that there is plenty of evidence on The North American Law Center’s website ( that will lead to indictment of not only President Obama, but Hillary Clinton, other members of his Administration and members of the Republican Party. Starner then “called to question” which ends discussion and calls for a vote of Executive Committee, as do most politicians that dislike proposed Liberty movements.
This created disapproval from the majority of the executive committee leading to the declined acceptance of the Resolution. There were three other members from the Shiawassee County GOP that stood opposed to the Resolution. Yvette and John were the only members on the Executive Committee that supported the Resolution.
There were comments from some members that it would just be a waste of time and that we should focus on electing a good President, even though they agree Obama should be impeached.  It only requires one US Congressman to initiate the Process of Impeachment. If impeachment is initiated while Obama is in office, atrocities Obama, Clinton, and their co-conspirators have inflicted against the People of the United States will be held against them; they will be prosecuted, and justice will be served. If no one does anything to hold them accountable, then they will get away with all that they have perpetrated in the injustice to the American people. The Republican Party has not had the best interests of the people at heart since President Ronald Reagan was in office.
Consider Michigan’s Constitution Party Together, We Can Make It Happen!

Matthew Shepard, Perry
P.S. Evil may only have a foothold if people of good conscience do nothing.

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