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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, Perry

3:24 pm

Independent Editor,

We need God control, not gun control. On Wednesday, March 14, a 12th-grader commented at the Washington D.C. student walkout rally that morality is the issue. Put God back in school and back in our nation. A nation without God is ungodly. Psalms 33:12 states, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

The main issue is mentally dysfunctional individuals have been responsible for mass killings in our nation, not guns; thousands more have been killed by texting while driving, intoxicated driving, knives and other homicidal methods than guns. Millions of people were killed by toxic gases in gas chambers. Mentally dysfunctional individuals should not be allowed to possess the means by which to end other individuals’ lives.

While at the Lansing walkout rally, I witnessed several liberal politicians bashing Trump, the National Rifle Association and those who receive campaign donations from the same. When I asked where they received their contributions from, I was told to shut-up.

Planned Parenthood has killed millions, so why are they allowed to continue? The liberal indoctrination of our educational system has created the mass murderers. Dr. Spock’s ideology has been a failure. Many dysfunctional millennials are the result of failed disciplinary tactics. Parental rights have been stripped by liberal ideology. We the people need to stand against oppression and fight for what is right.

I would support the following measures: 1. There should be steps put in place to protect children in schools. Bullying should not be tolerated in any form. Counseling should be administered and readily available to be students. 2. Background checks should include mental health history. 3. The minimum age to purchase a gun, vote and serve our country should be increased to 21 years of age to ensure maturity and appropriate education. 4. A well-established/trained militia should be mentally capable of handling weapons of any form. 5. Law enforcement should take action against those who threaten others and confiscate their weapons, not law abiding citizens’ weapons. 6. Ban abortions and de-fund Planned Parenthood, because they kill and harvest tissues of hundreds of thousands of babies a year.

May God’s blessings and guidance be upon our nation.

Matthew Shepard, Perry

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