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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, Perry

11:20 am

Independent Editor,

There exists another drive to restore Michigan’s part-time legislature. The main concern (opposition) is that the “big bureaucracy” will have too much power if there is not a full-time legislature. As it seems to me, the bureaucrats have all the power, which has been the failure of our legislature to “pull in the reins” on the “over-spending” in the county, state, and federal governments.

Another response fromopposition is that representatives deserve full compensation for all that they do for the people. Should representatives be compensated when they act (vote) against the peoples’ wishes? Obamacare and Common Core have both been found to be failures in the majority of this nation, and were voted in by members of our legislature. Let us not forget how our legislature conspired against us by raising fuel taxes and transportation licensure fees after “We the People’ voted against these increases by 80 percent. They refuse to insist upon road repair warranties made by road construction companies, but to place more burden upon the taxpayers of Michigan. Most recently, our legislature refused to take action against an unconstitutional ruling by the Michigan Education Commission to allow transgenders to use whichever bathroom and/or showers that they identified with on any given day.

Restoring Michigan’s part-time legislature will reduce salaries by half to a level closer to a teacher’s salary; reduce time in session to the first 90 days of each year, thus reducing the opportunity to receive under-the-table lobbyist fees to vote upon issues in a particular way; and remove health benefits and retirement for legislative members.

I encourage everyone to visit or call me at (989) 413-9952 for more information. We need more volunteers to assist in collecting the necessary petition signatures to include the initiative on the November ballot.

“We the People” are in control of the government, not the other way around. Together, we can makeit happen.


Matthew Shepard, Perry

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