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Letter to the Editor


Matthew Shepard, Perry

11:32 am

Independent Editor,
Impeach Obama, Now! As explained, there are many acts of treason perpetrated by the Obama Administration. One in particular was the Benghazi tragedy which involved illegal arms trades to Arabic nations and the involvement of many members of Obama’s regime; in fact, there are 40,000 Swiss bank accounts that have contributions from the proceeds of the sale of American arms, and these same accounts are linked to members of U.S. Congress. Purposeful decisions made by Hillary Clinton resulted in the deaths of Navy Seals, Marines, and foreign diplomats.
All associated with Obama’s ludicrous decisions are considered co-conspirators, thus would be ineligible to participate in the process of impeachment. It only takes one congressman to initiate and three can fulfill the decision of impeachment. Many people do not feel that there is enough time to complete the process with just over a year to fill the terms of impeachment: truly, the process only takes a matter of weeks, not months or years.
As ascribed by the North American Law Center, the Articles of Impeachment list the process as follows: False Impersonation – Fraudulent representation of identity. How many people have more than one birth certificate? He also committed fraud swearing an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. As a Muslim, he would have sworn to contradiction of the Quran which supports enslavement where the Constitution solely promotes Freedom.
Malfeasance and Abuse of Oval Office – Tyrannical Dictator. Obama has usurped his power and prescribed several unconstitutional laws/executive orders.  One in particular is the Affordable Care Act which has more than doubled insurance premiums for the working public. Obama inspired the Supreme Court to Make a Ruling (NOT LAW) on Same-sex Marriage and ordered a person’s sexual identity take precedence over our Constitutional Bill of Rights. We are no longer allowed to claim religious preference/beliefs, as it would be discrimination against a person’s sexual orientation.
Aiding and Abetting Known Enemies of the State – Support, supplying arms, and financing ISIL (ISIS) and other terrorist activities allowing ISIS Jihad operatives to infiltrate our U.S. borders.
These are all acts of treason which will go unpunished without the impeachment process. It is not only our right but our responsibility to offset the oppressive measures that the Obama Administration has usurped the American people. I would encourage every patriotic American regardless of party affiliation to contact their U.S. Congressional Representative in this matter.
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Matthew Shepard, Perry

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