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Letter to the Editor


Mary Wold, Durand

9:24 pm

Independent Editor,

   This letter is about the forgotten people of Sycamore House in Durand.

   Woda/Cooper Co. is fast to bid on properties that cities and towns no longer consider viable. They build them into nice apartments for seniors to live in and they fill them up.

   That’s the end of their caring, except to collect the rents every month and raise them ever year, all the while knowing that our incomes don’t change.

   How can they justify this when there isn’t a maintenance person on property and only a part-time manager?

   The windows have been washed only once in the 10 years I have lived here [at Sycamore House], garbage is removed twice a week and left to pile up the other five days. The roof leaks in some places. They stopped paying for the computer in the community business center and the TV in the community room.

   What seemed to be a great place to live is now a nightmare, except for the great people who trusted it when they moved in.

Mary Wold, Durand

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