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Letter to the Editor


Mary Warner-Stone, Durand Union Station, Inc.

1:35 pm

Independent Editor,

Durand Union Station has long been a focal point of the Durand community, and in the 112 years since being built, has meant many things to many people. For some it has been a place of employment, for others a stopover on the way to someplace else, and for many of us it is a historic icon of the city and county. Preserving and maintaining the “Queen of the Rails” is part of the mission of DUSI, and since we receive no tax dollars, the job can be monumental and sometimes overwhelming. Fundraising takes up a large portion of the time and effort spent by both paid staff and volunteers. We have been actively raising funds to complete the exterior maintenance the building desperately needs.

The support of the community in the recent collections for our “Scrape and Paint Campaign” is something we would like to recognize publicly so that we may express our gratitude. Numerous local businesses took part in the collection process and many of the donors gave on numerous occasions. The significance of those actions is not lost on the leadership at DUSI, and the generosity of the community is humbling. Local businesses that took an active role in collecting donations are Riverside Market, Shaw’s Pharmacy, Deitrich’s Flower Shop, Bart Harris State Farm Agency, R.S. Green Agency, Then and Again Resale, and Delux Trophy. The support of the business owners and their employees is appreciated more than we can express.

As many of you are aware, this restoration project has three components. One to scrape and painting the exterior wood trim around windows and doors. Two, replace broken roof tile and three, fix a portion of the roof canopy that is damaged. Through the community’s donations and assistance from the city of Durand we are well on our way to gaining the necessary funds for all three major repairs. There will be one additional fundraiser event this summer we hope everyone comes out to support, the Durand Area Chicken Barbeque at the Durand Eagles Club on Saturday, July 22. This fundraiser includes dinner, music, a cash bash drawing, beer tent, and the ever-popular chicken drop game. Join in the fun or pick up a dinner to take home.

We are eager to begin work and get this iconic building restored to the former glory befitting its history, and to continue to represent the area proudly. Our community has played an important part in moving this project forward and we humbly thank you for your generosity and trust in us to use your donations wisely. For donation information, you can visit our website at or call the office at (989) 288-3561.


Mary Warner-Stone, Durand Union Station, Inc.

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