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Letter to the Editor


Mary S. Rice

12:16 pm

Independent Editor,

   Thank you to the voters in the city of Durand and Shiawassee Township for the strong approval of millage questions on the November 3 ballots for Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency’s renewal of services. The Shiawassee County residents who rely on SATA for transportation and independence and the dedicated employees who make that transportation possible each day appreciate your support. The following are the election results:

• City of Durand: 916 Yes to 727 No – 55.7 percent of voters supported the millage

• Shiawassee Township: 1147 Yes to 536 No – 68 percent of voters supported the millage

   SATA has provided transportation to the residents of Shiawassee County since 2000, and we will work hard to proudly continue to do so. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the lives of individuals who want and need SATA’s transportation services.

Mary S. Rice

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