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Letter to the Editor


Mary Rice, Executive Director, Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency 

7:06 pm

Independent Editor,

  Voters in the City of Owosso who wish to express their opinion on the future of Public Transportation service must vote in the Presidential Primary at the polls on Tuesday, Feb. 27, or via an Absentee Ballot. If you don’t want to vote in either Presidential Primary, you can solely vote on the non-partisan issue of Public Transportation. This allows you to express your opinion about the value of Public Transportation to you, your family, friends and neighbors. 

  With the passage of this millage proposal, City of Owosso residents will continue to receive a 67 percent discount on the cost per ride that residents in municipalities who do not support SATA pay, have the ability to reserve a ride as far in advance as one year, and to reserve a recurring ride.  

  This millage election asks voters in the City of Owosso to approve .333 mills for five years (2024-2028), which equates to $16.67 annual tax on a $100,000 home. SATA encourages all City of Owosso residents, regardless of their desires in the Presidential Primary, to cast their ballot on the non-partisan election side of the ballot.  

  Please note that this local millage support can only be used for operation of the buses. No voted millage can or will be used for any capital expenses, such as building construction or purchasing new buses. Although federal grants, state grants and fares paid by individuals and agencies, pay for nearly 80 percent of SATA’s expenses, local financial support is required, just as it is for all public transit agencies in the United States.

  Many people in Shiawassee County rely on SATA’s service for daily independence and quality of life. Although you, your family or friends may not use SATA’s service now, you may need it one day. I urge you to vote on the Public Transportation Millage on Tuesday, Feb. 27 or via an Absentee Ballot.

Mary Rice, Executive Director

Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency 

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