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Letter to the Editor


Mary A. Buginsky

1:33 pm

Independent Editor,

   Are many of you like me when you finally mark your ballot? The people known to you are easy picks, and then you get to those individuals you have no clue about. Now, I know we are supposed to educate ourselves, but really? The media makes every little issue into a hysterical rant, and the parties snipe and shout their practiced speeches. So is it any wonder the real issues are difficult to determine? And if the person on the ballot has never been in politics, how do we choose the best person for the job? Therefore, I would like to offer my two cents concerning our county election. I have no axe to grind with anyone, but am bothered by the “who is she” about someone I know well, even if she is not in my favorite political party.

   I know Yvette Pickler. My husband and I joined the team working to move the fairgrounds to Hibbard Road. Those first three years were difficult, logistically and financially. Many people staked their reputations on the project, including Duane Black of Glaser’s Lumber. In late spring of 1991, without the new fair book started, or contracts for vendors ready because the office manager position was vacant; Mr. Black hired Yvette. She began working in April, completing the immediate tasks for a successful August fair. Then she played catch-up through the fall so that all paperwork required by the State of Michigan and the audit of accounts was presented on time. So if you are wondering if Yvette can manage the office of treasurer, she can. Please consider this person when you vote.

Mary A. Buginsky

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