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Letter to the Editor


Marlene Newman, Owosso

12:03 pm

Independent Editor,
I would like to let the voters know something all along would happen. We at first thought they would pull this after the November election. Last spring, Chairman Aue led a resolution to remove the healthcare benefits for the commissioners. It passed on a 4-3 vote. This was something the public wanted. By law, it could not go into effect until Jan. 2017.
However, there are a couple of commissioners (Bartz and Plowman) who really want and need these benefits. Commissioner Aue really wants and needs their support in his state representative race or, if he fails, their votes to hire him for county administrator. Apparently, a deal has been struck. The attempt currently is to quietly obtain enough votes to rescind that resolution (using upon further review, etc). April 19 is the deadline to file for another term for these commissioners. Their filing is most likely dependent on the outcome of this healthcare vote. This explains the timeliness of this current effort.
In reality, rescinding this passed resolution to remove the healthcare benefits of the commissioners, means the benefit will remain and never be touched. It turned into purely being a campaign ploy. Voters beware, and watch this one closely.

Marlene Newman, Owosso

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