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Letter to the Editor


Marlene Newman, Owosso

10:32 am

Independent Editor,

I hope the taxpayers see the same irony as I do. On one hand, we see the county board chairman, Jeremy Root, defend leaving the county clerk’s office short on staff; and therefore, reduced public office hours. He could not see fit that all they had to do was add half a person’s hours to correct the problem that the board created in the first place.

On the other hand, he saw fit to allow giving another county office staff bonuses. His “political” decisions are more than obvious.

At the very same time, he was bragging in the media about a budget surplus in the recent audit. No matter how he tries to present it, this is not new and amazing county news. Root and county finance chairman, Brandon Marks, continue to struggle with their lack of logic and leadership. They continue to add to the divisions that are already there. And, they are still making decisions without the involvement of all board members.

How ironic that commissioners Root and Marks (no matter how they justify it) somehow found the time and money to recently take a “business trip” to Washington, D.C.



Marlene Newman, Owosso

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