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Letter to the Editor


Mark Zacharda, Bennington Township

10:39 am

Independent Editor,

I am writing in support of Democrat Jeffrey R. Bartz in his re-election campaign for District 6. There are few other commissioners who have served with such a list of distinguishing accomplishments. His knowledge of the issues is without parallel, and he has a long history of bipartisan cooperation on the board.  He has earned enough respect in his abilities to be elected chairman, twice. His first concern is what’s best for the majority of the citizens of Shiawassee County, not partisan interests.

He has a long list of accomplishments: A balanced budget for the county, while at the same time securing a pay raise for county employees after a decade of no-wage increases (not even cost of living); improved the existing Health Department building and Veterans Affairs office, added a new Central Dispatch building, approved funding for parks in Shiatown and on Henderson Road, and greatly improved the equipment the Drain Commission and Buildings & Grounds offices depend on to get the job done; and finally, he responded to the request of the people and removed restrictions on small land lots to allow for storage buildings.

Jeff is present at all meetings and he operates with full transparency, and he is always available to citizens of the county, even those outside of District 6. I urge you to vote for Jeff Bartz for County Commissioner and keep an experienced and reasonable voice on the Board of Commissioners.

Mark Zacharda, Bennington Township

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