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Letter to the Editor


Lynn Webster, Owosso

12:42 pm

Independent Editor,
When our friend, and long-time Independent editor passed away, I had some apprehension about how the Independent would do without Bill’s experience and expertise. My concern was certainly unfounded, as subsequent issues, of the Independent newspaper, have shown. With colorful, well-written community news articles, well-composed/laid out ads, and on schedule newspaper releases, the Independent continues to provide its usual quality we all came to expect when Bill was the editor.
I’m confident that he would be proud of the manner in which the Independent team/staff is carrying on the quality we have come to expect.

Lynn Webster, Owosso

(We, here at the Independent, appreciate the kind words as we make the transition of having a new editor and forwarding the legacy of our previous editor, Bill Constine. We hope the newspaper continues to bring positive news to the local community. Thanks so much for the patience and consideration of everyone in our friendly community.)

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