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Letter to the Editor


Lorri Matousek, Owosso Trojan Football Moms, president

12:36 pm

Independent Editor,

For those of you who do not know, Owosso has something very exciting happening in our community. Our young folks are working very hard to revive and rebuild the Owosso Trojan football team. Many of you may not realize it, but these young adults have been showing up to the gym since school got out, trying to get stronger and more confident, which shows their level of commitment. They are choosing to give up a lot of the free time that many other students have during the summer, because they want to become winners.

I had the chance to watch them at a scrimmage in Ithaca last week, and they looked better than ever; their moral and confidence is up. That is, in part, because of new coach Devin Pringle, but mostly because of their own doing. Coach Pringle is teaching them how to achieve their goals.

Although the football season does not officially start until August, this group of fine young people is already working hard at becoming better. Many of you in the community have shown little or no support to this team, and it needs to change this season. This town needs to get behind this newly revived team and show them support. They may not win every game this season, but they are already winners because of the effort and enthusiasm they are showing.

The team will be tailgating before every home game and they would love to see you there. GO OWOSSO TROJANS!


Lorri Matousek

Owosso Trojan Football Moms, president

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