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Letter to the Editor


Linda J Beeman, Owosso

12:35 pm

Independent Editor,

I would like to thank the many people who supported and were involved in the painting of the new river walk mural under the Washington Street Bridge. First and foremost, thank you to the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network for providing the funding grant; the city of Owosso/Owosso Main Street for all their support, cleaning and prepping of the wall; Gilberts Hardware; Brian Whitfield, Lansing artist extraordinaire, for his help with the design and layout, and for drawing it on the wall with me; volunteers from Shiawassee Art Center and the Friends of the Shiawassee River.

To all these people who helped paint – some for an hour, some both days – hopefully I’m not forgetting anyone: Lisa Kaltrider, Sam Beeman, Karen Van Epps, Linda Hill, Karen Kong, Piper Brewer, Linda Ruehle, Frank Livingston, Rich Wyman Brown, Jeff Deason, Tracey Peltier, Josh Adams, Isaac Cook, Catherine Tonning Popowich, Karen Marumoto, Susan McGuire and Danielle Hankard. As well as Heather, who was just passing by and stopped to paint all day; Tall Don, who painted all the sky; several young ladies and a wonderful couple “we are kayakers,” whose names escape me now. For all those who did the “troll party” and still patrol it, thank you all so much! “Many hands make light work.”

I’d like to also address the vandalism that has happened. No one was surprised. We had planned for it. This area under the bridge has been a dark and dreary section. We did this to make it more appealing and safe for all of us. The mural brightens it up considerably. At one time, there were lights under there, but they have been broken somewhere in the past. New LED lighting in cages will be installed shortly that will be difficult to get to and break. Various cameras in the area (yes there are!) will have sight lines cleared and realigned.

Will that discourage vandals? No. But the bottom line is: if you give in to it, anarchy wins. If we continuously say, “Why bother?” or “They will just ruin it,” then they have already won and our community becomes a garbage dump. I refuse to give in. I will repaint and repaint and repaint. It’s just paint. But the defeatist attitude has to go. There will always be a “they.” Don’t give in.

We are, all together, a community of heart and beauty and support and strength.

Linda J Beeman, Owosso

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