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Letter to the Editor


Lee Mills, Owosso

5:37 pm

Independent Editor,

What happens if your pet accidentally gets out? Usually the county Animal Control officer will pick up your pet and take them to the Shiawassee Humane Society.

  Starting Monday, Jan. 1, 2024  the county will, per County Commission Chairman Greg Brodeur, begin killing the animals picked up by animal control. Brodeur stated in a meeting with Shiawassee Humane Society that the county would become a “euthanasia machine” if the SHS did not accept the county’s woefully inadequate payment for animal control services.

  So how did we get to this unfortunate point? The contract between the county and SHS expires on Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023. SHS is losing almost $60,000 per year on the animals brought in by the county and simply wanted to begin discussions about negotiating a new contract. SHS made many, many attempts to meet with county officials to no avail until just recently. (It was during one of those recent meetings that Brodeur made his disgusting comment.) Those meetings with Brodeur and County Administrator Brian Boggs went nowhere and it appears that the contract between SHS and the county will expire at the end of the month with no resolution.

  My question is where does the money collected from dog and kennel licenses currently go and why can’t some of those funds be used to resolve this contract impasse.

  This appears to be another black eye for our county commissioners and their unwillingness to step up and address real issues.


Lee Mills, Owosso

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