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Letter to the Editor


Kent Ballard, Laingsburg

10:55 am

Independent Editor,

   We have two children currently in the Laingsburg Community School system: a 7th-grader and a 9th-grader. Our oldest graduated this past year. They are/were each involved in multiple sports. My wife and I are wholeheartedly supporting the May 7 millage vote, not from a narrow viewpoint of the benefits to athletics, but because we see the dire need for additional facilities and practical space for our current school population.

   No, there isn’t enough gym time. Kids are practicing late at night and early in the mornings on weekends just to get a couple of hours a week. Locker rooms are too small, and have to be shared with opposing teams when there are both boys and girls games scheduled on the same night. Equipment is having to be thrown out because it’s unsafe.

   Here’s the bigger picture though: It’s about air conditioning for the youngest of our elementary students in the oldest part of their building (built in the ‘50s). It’s about securing our buildings in an age where we need to be more vigilant about keeping our kids and staff safe. It’s about having reliable buses to transport our children. There are also music and drama programs growing exponentially that are out of classroom, storage, practice and performance space.

   While neither of our kids are involved in band or performing arts, we still see the need for accommodating this population, which makes up more than one-third of our high school alone. Voting “yes” on May 7 is an investment in the future – the most obvious being in our kids. But it’s also about maintaining the high standards of our school district so that we keep attracting people to this community, which helps everyone. Check your conscience, then check the right box.

Kent Ballard, Laingsburg

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