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Letter to the Editor


Kelly Grinnell, parent, Owosso Township

4:37 pm

Editor, The Independent:

I proudly write this letter asking Owosso residents to support the school bond proposal on Nov. 3. I have three children enrolled in Owosso Public Schools and I want the best educational environment possible for not only them, but for generations of students to come.

I have heard the comment made by some, “I graduated from here and I got a good education, so why do we need anything more?” The fact is that times have changed and the requirements of students to enroll in college, vocational schools and eventually enter the workforce are more challenging than ever before. Our educational environment needs to change and offer the best advances that our community can afford. I believe that this bond proposal is an example of thoughtful planning and effective spending.

The Owosso Middle School has housed the learning of our youth since 1929 with the same foundation, underground pipes, air registers, terrazzo flooring, cement bleachers and a host of other antiquated structural systems that are too costly to repair or replace; 1929!

Our schools should reflect the current times and our children should learn in an educational environment that matches the real world. Voting “Yes.”

Kelly Grinnell, parent, Owosso Township

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