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Letter to the Editor


Keith Bailey, Corunna

12:18 pm

Independent Editor,

   We have been bombarded by all kinds of accusations about our politicians. I would like to put forth some thoughts.

   Both parties are the same. It is like the difference between a Ford and Chevy; they both have four tires and they take you places. It’s just the different options that separate them. Neither party can claim sainthood by far because it is politics.

   I am not here defending our current president. I am not happy with the man, but we are all responsible for where we are at in our divisive nation. This president hasn’t done anything that other presidents haven’t done. Google it. Maybe the Mueller investigation will change that. Yes, he has done more lying then most, but one lie makes you a liar; the rest of them are just keeping score.

   I believe in policy and positive results. Politics is bargaining to get results. Our constitution was set up to impede single person or party rule. Democrats are 31 percent of the population and Republicans make up 27 percent. The rest are independents. I hope I am one of those.

   The midterm election candidates on the Democratic side received about one-third more funds than Republicans, as there was a big push to get control of the Congress. The 20 top donors last presidential election: Democrats with $198.4 million, Republicans with $206.2 million and Independents with $10.1 million.

   I voted for Barack Obama for his first term. He did some notable things, but in a speech before the midterms, he called out people attacking the news media for fake news claims. Over the time of his administration, they jailed and prosecuted more journalists since WWII and were being sued by the Associated Press. An ongoing lawsuit was brought against his administration by the ACLU for treatment of people at the border. And the big money issue with donors and lobbyists; well if we are to get healthcare fixed, Democrats are going to have to give up the money received from the medical industry. Yes folks, they take as much or more. How do you think the ACA got passed? Even Obama felt uncomfortable getting the Noble Peace Prize after being in office, I think, nine months. No Noble prize for this administration, even if we are talking to North Korea after 50 years.

   When the pendulum of democracy moves too far one way or the other, people revolt. That has happened after many large gains by either political party. My point being, no one can take the high ground. Maybe one side this day, but the next it changes. Why do you think we are where we’re at? Let’s all be Independents and quit the divisive party politics.

Keith Bailey, Corunna

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