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Letter to the Editor


Keith and Diane Johnson, Corunna

9:39 am

Editor, The Independent:
The first year I was eligible to vote was in 1964. I can recall missing two election years (military service) since then. Voting gives one a feeling of dignity. Corunna has a school millage coming up on Nov. 3. Historically, few school millage votes are passed by wide margins. Voting NO on financial issues are usually an easy thing to do and sometimes, suspect in their motives. The Nov. 3 election is for the most part, about building and grounds maintenance and restorations. This is a very necessary and integral part of education. We do this not only to our own homes and vehicles in a timely fashion, but also, our bodies, i.e. hips, knees and backs.
This past week, the wife and I were given the opportunity to sit in on a small group to view a very long list of Corunna School District registered voters. Forty years ago, we would have known a good share of the people who were on that list. However, looking at the list recently, was a wake up call to us that “the torch has been passed,” to a much younger generation to care for. I trust that their education and knowledge will prove vital in our fast changing world of technology and medicines.
As the only wage-earner in a family of five, there were many times that we decided that we might not be able to afford any added taxes. As always, we weighed what we might lose by what we might gain, then tightened out belts.
Nelson Mandela once said that “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” and I think he’s correct. We as parents, taught our kids what to think, but usually it’s the educators who teach our kids how to think. Remember that usually in supporting education, it’s all about caring a little more than the other fellow as to what happens to civilization.

Respectfully submitted
Keith and Diane Johnson, Corunna

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