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Letter to the Editor


Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Bennington Township

11:02 am

Editor, The Independent:

There seems to be no end to the neglect in Owosso Township’s Oak Grove Cemetery. At a time when the grass needs mowing twice a week, maybe twice a month is the best it gets. I find it most disgraceful that they cannot find a way to get flags with flag holders on the graves of veterans, still!

It is the law, Michigan Compiled Laws, “Markers for Veterans graves (excerpt) Act 63 of 1915, 35.831

Sec. 1. (1) The legislative body of a township in this state, upon the petition of 5 eligible voters of the township, shall procure for and furnish to the petitioners, at the expense of the township, a suitable flag holder and United States flag for the grave of each veteran who served in the armed forces of the United States and who is buried within the limits of a cemetery located within the township. (3) If a township does not comply with this subsection, that township is responsible for a state civil infraction and may be ordered to pay a civil fine of not more than $500.”

At last count there were still 24 graves with no flag holder, and two graves with a flag holder but no flag, and seven graves of veterans that had no flag and no flag holder, that were petitioned for (in plenty of time to have by Memorial Day). That is 40 civil infractions at $500 each possible fine.

The library fund could handle $20,000? Not sure if they get that or not, but an official that does not act within the law is not exempt from personal prosecution on top of the municipality.

The township did procure more flag holders, but so far have refused to provide them to the petitioners. I believe they have flags, so were not petitioned for flags. Probably won’t put those 31 holders out this year. Oh, but they did put some flags on graves that are not veterans.

Not likely to happen, but I would so like to see this township board held accountable. I’m thinking their insurance would not cover as they are not complying with the law. Tsk-tsk.

Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Bennington Township

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