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Letter to the Editor


Kay Lorraine-Lauro

2:23 pm

Editor, The Independent:

Owosso Charter Township’s Oak Grove Cemetery now has American flags with flag holders on the graves of the veterans buried there.

This has been no easy task, but I believe it was in March of this year (after several years of complaining) a few people petitioned the township under the provisions of state law, hoping to get all in place by Memorial Day.

It apparently was quite difficult for the Township Board to comply with the law. They never did completely. They just couldn’t bring themselves to “furnish to the petitioners” the flag holders, as the law states. Instead they chose to put the flags on the graves themselves. Lol, I can’t help myself, I find that hilarious.

Supervisor Danny Miller pretty much made a mess of things and the cemetery has been more or less put back under the Township Clerk. That would be the new clerk, as in newer than anybody else on the board and the one the least responsible for anything lacking in the cemetery department. Yeah, let the new kid clean up the mess.

I’m afraid the putting of flags on the graves part fell on her. The Township got themselves another good one, with her. Good job Pat. I still have to chuckle at the thought of them trying to find every veteran’s grave, but they did it, not in time for Memorial Day, but the flag holders will be there for the next hundred years or so.

I can’t be all that nice. Why can’t the Township put up a flagpole, with a flag on it and with a solar light? They can’t claim that is too expensive while they are building a new Township/Fire Hall complex at over a million dollars. Now that the veterans have flags with holders that naked flagpole looks pretty shabby. You can see photos of the veterans’ graves at

Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Bennington Township

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