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Letter to the Editor


Katie Tobey, Owosso

2:11 pm

Independent Editor,

   After the presidential debate I found myself disgusted with the example set by those vying for the highest office in our land. I think the best way to change what is considered acceptable in a politician is to start local and that is why I want to talk about Ben Frederick.

   My favorite part of elections past has been the pleasure of voting for a man who not just aligns with my political views but actually has strength of character as well.

   I have been watching Mr. Frederick closely since the pandemic hit. He has predictably had many disagreements with our governor, to the point of taking their differing interpretations of the law to court. Yet, he encouraged his followers to obey the governor’s orders in the meantime. He took the time to watch the governor’s press conferences and summarize them for us on Facebook so we would have quick access to the continuing changes, with accuracy and links to back it up.

   With great interest, I read many of the discussions under his posts. Naturally, not everyone he represents agrees with him. And not every citizen, from either side, was civil. But in his responses, I personally never saw him comport himself as anything but polite. I am so impressed to see someone stand up for what they believe and yet continue to work within the system and remain gracious.

   I encourage everyone within this district to give Mr. Frederick a close look and see if he doesn’t withstand your scrutiny, too. Our representatives ought to have character worthy of truly representing us. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to vote for at least one person who makes me proud.

Katie Tobey, Owosso

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