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Letter to the Editor


Kathy Olund, Durand

11:06 am

Congressman Moolenar,

   I have questions. Not about the impeachment of Donald Trump; I know all of your voting records, and while I often don’t agree with you, I trust that your votes align with what you believe is best for your constituents.

   My questions pertain to the character and demeanor of the president you continue to support. I would like to know how you, a man of principle, can tolerate and support an individual who repeatedly tells and denies telling lies, even those memorialized on film and in quotes; demeans those who oppose him with name-calling, insulting language worthy of 5th-grade children, not of adults and certainly not of a world leader; caters to environmentally-destructive businesses by reversing policies put in place to safeguard our children’s air and water; touts a robust economy while deficits and income disparity steadily climb; whittles away at our health care coverage while growing numbers of citizens are forced into bankruptcy or, even worse, are dying for lack affordable medical care; governs by tweet; makes crucial decisions not based on knowledge of history, geography, foreign policies or on the advice of experts cognizant with vital issues; and sides with despots while disparaging allies.

   Congressman, why is our education system rated number eight on the World Top 20 Project list of education systems? Why is America’s life expectancy declining while those of others countries continue to rise? Why does our country have one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world? Why are our military families living in sub-standard housing while funding designated to help them is diverted to pay for a wall not proven to provide effective border protection?

   Congressman, can you honestly say you approve of the image of the United States this man is projecting to the rest of the world?

   Every day our military forces risk their lives to protect your constituents. Our police and first responders risk their lives keeping us safe from domestic attacks and threats.

   So tell me, congressman, why aren’t your colleagues in the senate willing to risk a vote to save our country from the menace of Donald J. Trump?

   I look forward to hearing your response.


Kathy Olund, Durand

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