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Letter to the Editor


Kathy Olund, Durand

11:18 am

Independent Editor,

Be kind. Always tell the truth. Treat people with respect. Never call anyone by a derogatory name. Allow others to speak their truth. These are a few of the rules my parents taught me in their efforts to raise a person of character. And because I admire and respect people who demonstrate character, I find it difficult to understand what I see as an increasing acceptance of and even admiration for people who exhibit a total lack of it; especially for people currently in positions of leadership.

There are many things in today’s political climate that frighten me, but my biggest fear is that we, the people, will come to accept the lack of character in our leaders as normal and acceptable; that we will grow indifferent to acts of cruelty and dishonesty.

To ignore or shrug off the current steady, ongoing display of arrogance and destructive behaviors is to encourage it. When immigrant children were being separated from their parents, I heard people say, “This is not who we are.” Oh, but it was. And it will continue to be until people of character pay attention and make themselves heard by their spoken word, and by their marked and submitted ballot.

Kathy Olund, Durand

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