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Letter to the Editor


Julie Wenzlick, Owosso

3:51 pm

Independent Editor,

   I’d like to make Owosso residents aware of a public hearing regarding the potential rezoning of 108 N. Chipman St. from B-3 (Central Business District) to I-1 (Light industrial) for the purpose of an indoor marijuana grow facility. The Owosso Planning Commission has already approved the rezoning; the city council will now take up this issue at its meeting on January 3 at 7:30 p.m. at Owosso City Hall. The council is seeking input from citizens. Comments regarding the proposal may be verbal or written, made during the meeting or prior to the meeting and directed as follows: Written comments can be emailed to: or via mail to 301 W. Main St., Owosso. Verbal comments may be made at the meeting or via phone messages left at this number: (989) 725-0596.

   Here are a few questions to consider: How will this facility impact our environment? Will there be an impact on our roads? Our water? Our power (for example, indoor grow is extremely energy intensive, requiring 24-hour climate control. Is it necessary to have industry in the midst of homes?

   I encourage residents to make their voices heard January 3 at 7:30 p.m. (Owosso City Hall Chambers, 301 W. Main St.).

Julie Wenzlick, Owosso

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