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Letter to the Editor


Judy Ford, Owosso

12:16 pm

Independent Editor,
Just got off the phone after talking with a charitable group I try to support. I explained that because this is an election cycle, my time is spent supporting Bernie Sanders for President and my donations are needed more with our local candidates, go John Horvath, candidate for state representative, etc.
The caller said, “Oh, you’re in Owosso!” Are you dealing with that water issue too? I said because Flint is our neighbor, we are all dealing with it and trying to help our neighbors. He went on and talked about how amazing and shocking it has been to hear the response that Flint is receiving from the state government level. Of course, I could only agree, adding, had he heard about Detroit schools, Benton Harbor’s city park that was sold for a private golf course and how the atrocities of Michigan go on and on?
Those are just some of the severely affected areas in Michigan that have been left in the dust of a business man. A business man elected into the office of governor, an office intended to oversee the state’s well being while maintaining the safe and sustainable future of her people. My caller said he is from the west coast and Michigan has often been a topic of conversation.
I certainly would rather they were talking about Michigan supporting non-GMO food production or leading the nation in labeling where our meats are grown, labeling ingredients in our foods, lowest unemployment rates, leading the nation in sustainable energy and the production of those materials needed to build sustainable energy across our nation.
But, Michigan is not doing any of these wonderful things, not at all. Michigan is sending children to school with mold and rats and giving them poisoned water to drink and denying them their future.
Elect people that share a vision to make Michigan a state you can once again be proud to call home, instead of an embarrassment or this scary place to live.

Judy Ford, Owosso

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