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Letter to the Editor


Judy Ford, Owosso

11:06 am

Independent Editor,

Kay Lorraine Lauro, whose last day on earth was Oct. 16, 2017, was someone who might come to mind when you hear, “she persisted” or “well behaved women seldom make history.” Kay was a woman who developed opinions and was willing to not only share but act on them. She was not intimidated or swayed by popular opinion. Fortunately, Kay was willing to put on her “citizen hat” when she chose a topic and shared her researched information. She stood strong on a subject, and while willing to listen to other interpretations, was rarely swayed.

Most of us prefer to not have our daily lives disrupted in any fashion, let alone with civic problems in our community. Kay, on the other hand, was up to the challenge. She spoke out, she challenged us, and sometimes put a topic in the face of our community in her attempt to open our minds to the problem at hand. Kay took her responsibilities as a citizen seriously and I admired her for that. I didn’t have to always agree with her to admire her.

What Kay gave us was food for thought. If we agreed with her opinion or not, she made us think about the subject at hand. You probably found yourself talking about the topic with others and even dropping her name. “Well behaved women seldom make history.”

So, Kay introduced or supported topics in our community and made us aware of their importance. She stimulated conversation on community issues. If we agreed with her stance on a topic or not, she prompted us to think, talk, and share ideas. In my opinion, that’s an accomplishment, and I admired her for it. I will probably, even unintentionally, keep her memory alive by referring to this strong woman from my community.

Judy Ford, Owosso

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