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Letter to the Editor


John C. M. (Jack) Davis, Former Owosso Mayor

1:19 pm

Independent Editor,
Dear citizens of Shiawassee county, as you go to the polls to vote this Nov. 8, please think about the change we need in our Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff is an elected official by the people. This is a position and is not required to be a certified officer, however his Under Sheriff is required by state law. This state has had Sheriff’s that were not certified. The past Sheriff of Gratiot County was not certified and he was a telephone repairman. Sheriff Rick Beracy served his county for sixteen years, four terms. I would like you to know who Joe Ibarra is.
I have known Joe Ibarra professionally and personally for over twenty years. Joe is one of the citizens that you really never hear about until now. He works behind the scenes never asking to be recognized for the help he has given to our community. Joe has donated hundreds of hours of time to better the city of Owosso without being paid as a Police Reserve, knowing that one day he might not come home to his family.
He is the current President of Community Radio Watch, a nonprofit organization that has helped not only our city to save money, but also helped other local municipal departments with their need of service.
Joe cares for our community and I believe that Joe will be the best fit for our Sheriff in Shiawassee County. He has the compassion to serve the community and will listen. I am asking you to set parties aside and vote for Joe Ibarra for our next Shiawassee County Sheriff.

John C. M. (Jack) Davis, Former Owosso Mayor

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