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Letter to the Editor


John B. Plowman, County Commissioner #7, Perry

10:38 am

Independent Editor,
When you vote for county clerk, cast it to re-elect County Clerk Lauri Braid.
Besides her numerous achievements at the local and state levels; she is the Clerk to the County Board of Commissioners. Through her leadership she records and prepares the board minutes, presents county bills to be paid, and because she is a certified parliamentarian she helps the board conduct and prepare proper meetings and motions.
Lauri’s office also doubles as our Human Resources Department. She and her staff handle all the paperwork for employment, discharge, and retirement. Counties of our size usually have a separate HR Department. Lauri and her staff save the county a minimum of $125,000 by doing the HR work.
The County Clerk’s office has complex and diverse functions and should not be sought by individuals who do not have expertise or background in its operations.
Lauri’s opponent, and her handlers, have government experience; but none of them have ever been a township, village, or city clerk. The Braid family disagreements should not be in political ads. It is tacky! If you knew the rest of the story, you would  agree.
Lauri is the County Clerk and with that duty comes the added function of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The keeper of official court records. She and her staff exercise correct procedures and keep proper records, as prescribed by law. If you, the voter, were confused by advertisements to the contrary, they were unfounded.
Clerk Braid had nothing to do with a court case concerning a County Board of Commissioner member. That individual sold his business, the person who bought it, lost it. Lauri Braid has nothing to do with any of those transactions that included the sale, loss, or recovery.
This has been a vicious smear campaign against Clerk Braid that is full of lies, falsehoods, and unfounded personal vendettas. Vote Aug. 2. Vote for Clerk Lauri Braid.

John B. Plowman, County Commissioner #7,

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