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Letter to the Editor


Joe Hune, State Senator

10:35 am

Independent Editor,

Growing up on our family farm, I understood and learned the meaning of hard work and seeing things through until the end. Tom Barrett embodies those same values. With determination and grit, Tom Barrett will be a great representative for those who live in Shiawassee County, Webberville and across the 24th senate district.

Loyalty, duty, selfless service, honor and integrity are all a part of the core Army values that Tom has learned over his 18 years of service to our country. He lives those values in his everyday life, and I know he will continue to hold to those values when he is serving you in the Michigan Senate.

I encourage everyone to join me in supporting Tom Barrett in his bid for the State Senate. His pragmatic, sensible approach to shaping policy for our state has shown through with his 21 bills that have passed the House with bi-partisan support.

Tom Barrett wants to lower auto-insurance rates and help our veterans receive the benefits that they earned. He wants to continue the work on our schools and making sure that our kids are given the best opportunities in the country, here in Michigan. I will be supporting Tom Barrett in November and urge you to do the same.

Joe Hune, State Senator

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